Monday, August 8, 2011

Maybelline Falsies

This Mascara is horrible, where do I start ( let me think)
 * The formula -  is super clunky on my lashes maybe this is why you will think you have on false lashes. I want thicker lashes but not spiders coming from my lids

* The brush - is okay could be better,  holds too much mascara. I like plastic applicator better like Covergirl & Loreal Voluminous

* The Packaging - cute purple is my favorite color (this is probably why I bought it) What ever the thing is thats suppose to clean the brush from extra mascara when you pull it out is too damn wide. This in my opinion is the reason the damn brush holds so much mascara.

Maybe if the hole was tighten that could possibly solve alot of the problems.

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